I am not an eraser. I am an eraser stamp.

This 3D eraser stamp was carved with a piece of thick white eraser a friend had given me months ago. The eraser carving method was similar to wood carving, except you could simply use a cutter or thin carving knife instead.

On the bottom I carved a small Chinese character, “heart”,or “mind”.

Not difficult at all!


Alphabet Stamps (Japanese Vocabularies) 

Started my alphabet stamp carving project two days ago. Would like to design stamp using Japanese vocabularies, adding some wafu to them, as always.

Here are the first six stamps. Looking forward to seeing them all? Me too. Let me know what Japanese vocabulary you would like to see.


七月份中大短期課程 – 日式手工橡皮章(25小時)

自2015年在中文大學專業進修學院教授日式手工橡皮章以來, 看到不少同學對印章雕刻十分熱愛, 令我在教授的同時, 亦被他們的好學和熱誠打動.

印章雕刻看似簡單, 有人視作手工, 亦有人視之為創作,一種表達自己的媒介. 每位同學都帶著不同原因和期望上這十堂課, 而我最希望的是同學在課程之後, 能找到他們想要的東西.

每期課程的首堂都會教同學們親自雕刻他們的第一顆印章. 你們每位雀躍不已的驚歎聲, 和滿心歡喜的表情, 都是我堅持教授刻章的原因. 當你發覺, 雙手除了玩遊戲機玩iPhone打電腦外,還可雕刻出自己要的圖案時, 你會開始體驗到創作的快樂.

2016年7月, 堂上有緣見!