Let’s Start from HERE!


This is a piece of eraser stamp I carved last year.

Eraser carving is so much fun. Think about it: you can create your own stamp anytime, anywhere you wish! It’s highly portable, easy-to-master and believe me, eraser stamps are great gifts to your family and friends.

I started eraser stamp carving in November 2010, when my job was a little stressful and I wanted a way out after work. Besides going to swim, I picked up a book that teaches readers eraser stamp carving and started out with a regular piece of eraser. (Of course later I realised I should better use the eraser especially designed for stamps) My first eraser stamp was a leaf pattern so it wasn’t that difficult, but the result was rewarding. I got my first unique eraser stamp! Afterwards, I grew to love this hobby and would like to share some tips with you all here.

First tip here for starters: start carving with a regular cutter on a piece of eraser (make sure it’s not too soft). Draw a simple pattern (like a piece of leaf, simple shapes prefered) and make sure you test-stamp it after you are done!



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