Charity Postcard-selling Project – Kado

Charity Postcard-selling Project - Kado

Thanks to the restaurant owner of Kado in Kagurazaka, Tokyo, my stamp postcards are now available on sale to public first time ever!

This is a charity project for the Tsunami victims in Tohoku, Japan and the revenue will be donated to Minami-sanriku, one of the most severe places where tsunami hit two years ago. I have been there several times and there are so many beautiful traditions and images that I wish to show in the postcards. Kokeshi(Japanese traditional wooden dolls), akabeko (a mascot that originated from Fukushima), Kiri-e ( paper-cutting decorations found in Tohoku shrines) etc. are some of the designs in these postcards.

My poscards cost 500yen/ set, and each set has five different postcards with a different design. Most of all, since I have visited Tohoku several times after 311, I truly wish the revival of Tohoku as it’s a great place with lots of great-spirited people. It’s a long way to go, but the goal is closer if we start or first step. I hope there are more designs to come for this project as time goes by. Thank you for your support in advance! =)

Kado’s location: (English) (Japanese)


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