The Making of a Stamp – Leaf





one leaf 001There are many sources for inspirations when it comes to stamp carving. There is no usual pattern really, but what I like to do (which I find quite convenient) is when I surf the internet and find any image/ idea I like, I will save that picture for later use. Also, pictures in magazines can be great sources for stamps. It’s really convenient nowadays that with our smart phones next to us, we can record any images we like at any time. You don’t have to buy anything in the end and still capture the images you want.

Today is a little special. I trace the most traditional method of capturing the image of the stamp, i.e. to trace on top of the object. At first I wonder if the stamp would turn out to look like the real leaf, and I wondered how detail I should carve the marks on the leaf. In the end I didn’t follow too much on the original pattern (I tried to get close to 60% I think) and it turned out okay.

What do you think?


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