Letter Pad Design – Yoga Girl Tree Pose


Letter pad was one of my favourite things when I was a kid. I used to collect a lot of different letter pads as a hobby and I still keep them after so many years. I do think letter pad (and envelope) is one of the most accessible paper designs in our daily lives, especially before email was invented, when communication was done by hand-written letters by mail. Remember pen pal? When you were a kid before internet was invented, a letter from a pen pal from overseas might be your first contact to the outside world. The letter paper texture, the stamp and the handwritings were just something you could not get from an email. I still keep most of the letters I received from pen pals, although I have not written a letter for years.

I drew this picture on the left years ago when I started to do yoga. I love Tree Pose as it seems easy to do but NO! You have to concentrate to keep good balance to maintain this posture. I made this image into a stamp and thought it would be nice to make a letter pad design out of it. Balance, after all, is still something I have to remind myself every day.


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