handprint 001


Which of the two is more fun? Carving or stamping?

Stamping of course.

While carving is all the hard work, the seed-sowing prcoess, the long anticipation, stamping on the other hand is the harvest time. Unlike other art paintings which you can produce one at a time, stamping art is a industrial revolution, in which you can produce same piece of artwork as much as you want (theoretically, provided the stamp is in good condition). Some people believe that’s also the reason why stamp art is not as “valuable” as regular painting, as they are not “rare” enough. Oh well, from the investors’ perspective, maybe it’s true. But when it comes to the amount of fun, I have to say, stamp art gives creator more chances to explore, to experiment, to not afraid of making mistakes, also due to the fact that every stamp can be stamped more than once! The cost maybe a piece of scratch paper or some stamp ink, which is something comparatively insignificant really.

These handprint stamps are some of the easy-to-carve ones in my collection, yet they are something which every one can relate to. I am sure most of us have done this handprint art in kindergarten, and it was really fun! Stamping resembles that memory of pleasure, which to me, is the pleasure and freedom and possiblities.


4 thoughts on “Handprints

  1. I really enjoyed your writing about carving, stamping and this particular stamp. I feel like we are long-lost friends who just havent met yet. 🙂

    • Thanks Rachel! You are always so supportive to me! I love sharing stamping ideas with other stamp lovers, and I am surprised to see many people outside of Japan like them too! I am still trying new things here and exploring possibilities, and I hope to hear more comments from friends like yourself! =D

  2. That’s funny that you open with that particular question because I was just thinking the same thing as I carved today. Both carving and stamping have their pleasures and sometimes when I’m stuck on what to create I find solace in just carving. Fewer demands, more technical.

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