Between Stamp and Art



ladder field 001

ladder field color 001

I guess one of the reasons I love eraser carving, is that there are endless possibilities.

Stamp art is just a tool, a medium to express your message, your idea, your views of what beauty is, or simply a way to escape from the daily chores, a way to destress perhaps. I never think there should be any labeling or definition of what stamp art should or should not be. At least I am not interested in discussing it.

In this world of classification, we have been taught since young that everything can be classified, defined or categorized. Many times when I show people about my stamps, they will start telling me what I should and should not do, in order to “be a artist/ stamp artist”. If my hobby grows from a seed in my heart, I do not intend to shape it to any form later. It should be grown as naturally as how it should be in the beginning. If creativity is not free from restrictions, rules, orders, then I don’t see any point of enjoying it. It will be another form of job, which is something I will never want to see happening.

I have to confess, I used to, and still sometimes worry about how people think about my stamps, just as I worry about whether my friends will like my accompany and jokes etc. But I guess in the end, I will eventually choose to let the worry go.


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