On Productivity

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Saw a TV programme a littler earlier about a Japanese screenswriter. He said every day, he would have a regular time to work on his script. He would require himself to write 15 pages of script per day, and will force himself to sit in front of his table from 8AM to 6PM to focus on doing so. Sometimes he might not come up with much ideas and would only wrote about 5 pages of scripts or so by 5PM, but that would not make him work less. He would always insist. Without completing his goal to complete 15 pages of script, he would not leave the table nor raise his head. That’s how he kept his productivity.

I am not sure if that works for every one really, but this method worked for him at least, and he was one of the most successful Japanese screenwriters in the past 50 years. I have been trying to make a schedule for myself on when to carve stamps every day, yet I am still not being too successful in sticking to it. I would not carve at all one day, and the next day I would carve over 10 stamps when I felt like it. Especially when I got some new ideas on stamps, that’s when I would spend the whole night trying to finish them all before going to bed.

Guess I have to change this pattern soon as I found myself not having enough rest at certain days. Oyasumi (Good night)!


3 thoughts on “On Productivity

  1. Hahaha, your case sounds similar to mine.
    Sometimes, I just hit the so called “block” and couldn’t make anything at all.
    But when I’m in bed preparing to sleep, flush of ideas just gushing through my brain, it’s excruciating to choose whether to sleep or to wakeup and jot down the ideas.

    Anyhow, every productivity boosting method is unique to each individual. Just find one that suits you and just don’t get too stress and tired in the process.

    Good luck!

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