The Adventure of Little Soya

the adventure of little soya 001

soya1 001

Today I came up with an idea of creating a story using eraser stamps!

Very excited, I completed my storyboard in a cafe within 30 minutes and was laughing at times whenever I thought of an interesting plot. (And yes, there were people sitting next to me who thought I was weird haha…) Fish soy sauce container is very common in Japan, and when we buy bento lunch boxes in Japan, you will always have one of those inside the box, or given to you with a pair of disposable wooden chopsticks. This is a simple story, but somehow I hope you will find Little Soya’s journey a little similar to that of yours and mine.

Here is the cover and the first page of the story. I will keep posting new pages of the story to the link below. Enjoy!


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