The Adventure of Little Soya – Page 2 and 3

soya2 001

2. Little Soya, with his other brothers and sisters, were being sent to the assembly line for final package process.

Instead of dropping it to the box, a young new factory worker accidentally dropped Little Soya to the sink next to it.

“Oh, NO!” Little Soya shouted. “Where am I going?”

Little Soya’s brothers and sisters also shouted, “Little Soya! Come back!”

But it was too late. Little Soya was washed down by the tap water to the sewage. After a long period of time, Little Soya found himself swimming in the ocean.

soya3 001

3. “Where is this place?” Little Soya asked one of the fish there.

” This is called the ocean, my friend,” the fish answered. ” We all fish need water to survive, and our job is breathe, eat and swim in this place.”

Little Soya thanked the fish and tried to follow what other fish were doing. Yet, even though he thought he looked like the rest of them, he never recalled the need to breathe nor eat. He tried to imitate other fish to breathe, yet to realise the air bubbles were brown with soy sauce.

” You aren’t one of us!” one fish stared at Little Soya, noticing the brown soy sauce bubbles Little Soya had made. “Are you really a fish like us?”

” I don’t know…..” said Little Soya. ” I am trying to find that out too.”


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