The Cat Thing

creamy 001

nekos 001

two cats 001

Just like the stamp thing, I got the cat thing just recently.

I guess there are too many cats around in Japan! It’s nearly impossible not to see one of those in a day, and most of the time they are so mysterious.

I will not forget the cat I saw in Hong Kong a year ago. She was a white stray cat with three legs. She might be fed by people in the food market in a regular basis, and there’s where I saw her. I was wearing my winter leggings that day. When she came to me she started to rub her neck against my right leg. She looked at me and meowed softly. It was one of the most innocent yet lonely faces I had ever seen. The scar next to her eyes, the missing of one of her limbs, her yearning for love came all at once in that single moment.

That was the beginning of my love to cats.


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