Stamping with Single Stamp Pad – Tree Design


How many stamp pad do you need to create a nice stamp design?

I guess it happens to every one, that when you first start a new hobby, you are not prepared to get all the equipments and tools it requires, so what you get and purchase initially are the most basic, essential things just to get by. That’s how it was for me in stamping. I used to just get a black stamp pad to start off with, before I realised I should not keep using poster colour(!) to paint on the stamps. Then I added red stamp pad a month later, followed by a set of 4 small stamp pads. Eventually I got a little greedier and greedier, to a point when I made regular visits to stationery shops , just to see what stamp pad colours I DIDN’T have.

I guess there is no equation to how many stamps you possess to how much fun you can have in stamping. In fact, I find it much easier to just use a stamp pad or two to create a stamp design. It’s quicker, easier and cleaner.

Here’s a stamp design with just using one stamp pad. To see how it’s created, check out this video:

What do you think?


One thought on “Stamping with Single Stamp Pad – Tree Design

  1. It’s true. Shortly after starting to carve my own stamps I coveted more and more colors. Imagining that whatever I didn’t have held the power to transform my designs. There will always be the shade or tone I don’t have that beckons me. It also took me a long time just to figure out what type of ink I liked best – alcohol, pigment, water-based, etc – and on what surface (still fine tuning that aspect).

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