The Adventure of Little Soya – Page 4

soya4 001

” Who are you?” Little Soya heard a low voice from the back suddenly. ” What are you doing here?”

Little Soya turned around and found a giant octopus staring at him. ” I am trying to figure that out as well,” Little Soya replied. “I think I am a fish.”
” A fish?” Octopus bursted out with laughter, ejected lots of blackish ink cloud. “ I have never seen any fish with a red plastic cap mouth! Also your body is made of plastic!”

“Oh I got it!” Little Soya raised his voice with cheer. “ I must be one of you guys. Look I can eject brownish ink too!”

Octopus roared with laughter and swam away, leaving Little Soya with his more questions in mind.

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