Stamp Trading Club


I have been joining the Eraser Stamp Trading Club in Japan for some time now. It’s a free-joining hobby club in which we have to send them five to seven small handcarved stamps of yours to them, inlcuding 800 yen worth of postage stamps each month. In return they will send you the same number of eraser stamps back, each carved by a different stamp artist. Here are what I got this time.


Love this person’s unique stamp style. Different from most Japanese eraser stamp style, this person’s stamp design has a Chinese paper-cutting touch in it.


This person is very creative with her package design, and she even created a hair band with her apple stamp. So cute!


This WOW me! Her paper designs were actually printed! Not only are her stamps so cleanly carved, the seals and message tags are very detailed. Love it!


This stamp reminds me of Japan summer, when people use mosquitos incense.



Last but not least, this stamp artist likes to insert some of her stamp seals to the package as well. And they sometimes provide the stamp holder as well, with embossed stamp on top of it. Neat.

They are my inspirations to create better eraser stamps. I hope to share more with you next month!


8 thoughts on “Stamp Trading Club

    • According to the website (, they are currently doing stamp exchange within Japan only. One of the reasons is they require 800 yen postage which is the fee for local postage back to the sender. However I sometimes receive artists’ stamps from non-Japanese artists before. To make sure, you can visit their website and email them directly. If you can type Japanese, that will be better, if not, I guess English is fine as well.
      Good luck!

  1. Those are real gems! I would really love to join the trading club too, sadly, there aren’t many handmade stamp crafter in Australia.

    People prefer the manufactured ones, cheaper and quick.

      • Once a month of the international thingy would be seriously great!

        Oh my, Australian and Japanese International postage aren’t really cheap too.

        Let me know if you’ve news on that! It would be great to be part of it.

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