Stamp tribute —— Wong Ka-kui

Tribute stamp to a great Hong Kong musician, Wong Ka-kui. Your music changes lives. Thank you!




10 thoughts on “Stamp tribute —— Wong Ka-kui

    • Yes, he is a fantastic artist. Now that he is gone for 20 years, Hong Kong people start to realise his importance and uniqueness in his music. No one else can form another band like him. Not yet at least. He is my hero!

      How do you know his music, by the way?

      • as you can see my husband is a Hongkonger, he introduced me their music. first track I’ve ever heard of them was live version of 灰色軌跡 and I just fell in love with Beyond’s music. More songs I’ve discovered more I loved them. Today I can sing it really good – I mean just spelling the words, it would be a shame to sing it with my voice haha. Beyond, Sam Hui… wish more people like them in cantonese popculture. Now it’s only dating etc.

  1. What a great tribute to the legendary Wong Ka Kui. He’s the greatest musician EVER….too bad not many outside of the Chinese community know about him. Thank you for putting in the time to honor him. Long live Rock ‘N’ Roll……and Cantonese pop!

    • Glad you like the stamps. I was too late to realise his great talent! His music gives me hope and energy. His music is universal, so is his spirit. He likes tattoo a lot but never had one himself. I created another stamp of a rose tattoo to remember this. Call me a freak, heheee.

      • It’s so unfortunate that Wong Ka Kui passed away so soon, before his music even had the opportunity to spread! At least his spirit lives on. And I’m sure he’d love the tattoos you made of him 🙂

  2. ohh i like ka-kui since i was a little girl (i’m originally from hong kong), and i like stamps making too 🙂 my brother is 10 years older than me so when he was a teenager i was forced to (which i enjoyed) listen to lots and lots of songs from beyond. i like ka-kui the best because i thought he’s cute ;-P i didnt really understand the songs until recently when i re-discovered them. i’m so glad to see that so many people around the world like him! thanks for sharing, ur blog is amazing!!

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