More on Wood


I love stamping on wood. Got myself some chopped wood circles (sorry I don’t know the right word for it) from home center yesterday, and I tried stamping on them with VersaCraft stamp ink. When trying to emboss the image, I found it not very successful. Usually it took 10-15 seconds for the heater to completely emboss the stamped image. But the giraffe took me a minute, the deer took me 90 seconds (and not comletely embossed) and the frog took forever! I gave up eventually. My guess was the wood was so thick and unprocessed that it absorbed the ink immediately, that the emboss powder had no effect on it. Also wood is a very strong heat absorbent, so the heater had less effect than before. Well, another thing I learned today.

What can I do with them? They look so pretty on desk as paper rest, or they can be framed to be decorations on the wall, or just anything you wish I guess!


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