From Stamp to Keyholder

Today’s stamp carving class about carving stamp without using regular cutter, as well as using the stamp to create a keyholder.

First of all, our stamp sensei today, Asako-san, gave me a regular eraser stamp plate and after drawing the pattern I wanted on top of it, I was given a yellow plastic “stick” similar to the size of an ice-cream spoon, with a relatively pointed end on one side, and less pointed end on the other. I was told to use it to scrub on the surface of the eraser to rub out the parts with pencil marks.


After the carving has completed, we used Staz-On ink to apply on the stamp. (Don’t use other brands like VersaMark or VersaCraft, as their colour won’t stay on plastic). I was also given this white Acrylic plate, which is commonly used for making keyholders.



Put the acrylic plate inside an oven and heat it up for simply a minute. You can witness the plate will start shrinking and eventually goes flat again. Carefully use a pair of wooden chopsticks to pick it up. If the plate is not completely flat, find a thick book or another cutting mat to cover it for 10 seconds.





Here’s my stamp keyholder! Love it!! Also, you can add colours to this by using marker pen instead of Staz-on ink. For acrylic plates, there are transparent ones to choose from as well! It was really fun to create another DIY product using stamps!

To learn more about my stamp sensei, Asako-san, check out her Facebook page at

Have lots of fun in stamping!


2 thoughts on “From Stamp to Keyholder

  1. 初めまして。 そらまめと申します。 第28回トレクラでハンコが届きました。
    ありがとうございました♪ 和の感じがとっても個性的なハンコですね。

    • 初めまして、そらまめさん!

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