Stamping on Cotton Cloth



Was watching TV today and learned about a funny Japanese song called “いい湯だな”, meaning “What a great hotspring” in English. I have been very lucky to have experienced soaking in hotspring in various places in Japan including Hakone in Kanagawa, Zao and Naruko-onsen in Miyagi, and of course, Niseko in Hokkaido. Hotspring, or onsen in Japanese, is a very unique Japanese experience. Since there won’t be any onsen in my hometown, Hong Kong, I am sure I will miss it in future.

I bought this white cotton cloth last month in Tokyu Hands but didn’t have time to try stamping on it till today. These kind of thin multi-purpose cotton handkerchiefs are very commonly found in Japan and I always like their lightness. They are very handy for lots of things including heading to an onsen of course. I added some colour bubbles here to resemble the soap or water bubbles.

Life is good when there is onsen.


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