On Inspirations





Ever since I have started designing my own stamps, my brain has never been busier.

That day I walked by a market and saw stacks of wood bases for parcels, I have decided to make some stamps about them.

Round the corner I saw two bamboo baskets with onions.

Why not? Sure I’ll make another stamp of it.

Saw an old lady holding hands with her grandkid crossing the street.

Great another stamp here.

And wait! What about this black cat sleeping inside this Chinese medicine shop?

Ah too many ideas here and which one should I write down first?

Finally I found my iPhone, created a note called “To Carve List.”

Wait a minute…… What was the thing I want to carve again?

Just like many thing else in life, inspiration is something you can never catch fully. Inspirations come and go, just like shooting stars. Many times they are gone without your noticing. And all you can do is to catch them as much as you can.


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