First Stamp Charity Project


First stamp charity project from DIY Eraser Stamp!

Rubber stamp carvers like me should realise that during the stamp-carving process, not only do we produce beautiful stamps, but also a lot of rubber residues/leftovers. Those little pieces of rubber are too much of a waste if being thrown away, and I always think of ways to utilize them.

In views of the growing population of the people in need in Hong Kong, I came up with an idea yesterday by carving small stamps with the little rubbers and raise a fund in my stamp booth ( July 19 & 20th, in APM Kwun Tong). I would set up a donation box in my booth and any one are welcome to donate a free amount of money. In return, they will receive a stamp from me. The donation will be 100% donated to 叙福樓集團有限公司 for their Suspended Meal Project ( Suspended Meal Restuarant List ). Donation amount details will be posted afterwards,

This may be a beginning of something big. I welcome you all to participate. Thank you very much.

For more details and project update:


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