They are coming!


The little stamps for my coming charity project are done! They end up looking pretty nicely!

The origin of this project was a Hong Kong TV show I watched last year.Sorry for no subtitles in this video clip, but you may guess what happened with this guy called Simon here. He is a successful entrepreneur owing several restaurant chains with over a thousand employees. In the show, he had to experience the life of the poor and was given only 50 Hong Kong dollars a day (around 7 US dollars) to live with. With not enough money to eat, he discovered a restaurant where suspended meals were offered. (Suspended meals are pre-paid meals which are targeted to the people in need for a meal. Any one can go to the restaurant and ask for a suspended meal with no question asked. It is a form of donation of food for those in need) Touched by the warmth of this act, Simon has made up his mind to do something similar later on, but on a company’s level. He not only donates over hundreds of suspended meals per month these days, but he also urges other restaurant owners like him to do the same.

Click the following to watch his video clip:


2 thoughts on “They are coming!

  1. We have similar thing, it’s suspended coffee. I often pay extra for suspended coffee each time I get my coffee at outlets that do this sort of thing. Anyway, I really think we should have suspended meals too.

    It’s really cold and wet during winter in Adelaide. We had two weeks storm and gusty wind, and lots of homeless poor people are suffering.

    We had donations and can trucks going around making food to distribute during winter, but the brilliant idea of suspended meals hasn’t appeared in Adelaide yet.

    • Thanks for your comment! I think suspended meal concept of HK was originated from that of suspended coffee. And as you may know, in HK there are growing population of the people in need, suspended meal has become more and more popular. One of the pioneers who started this was Ming Gor (明哥) from Sham Sui Po. He is a restaurant owner who has been giving out lunchboxes in a very inexpensive price. His act has influenced many people, Simon included in the TV show I mentioned. I found this concept very suitable for HK, considering the fact that there are people who need food yet do not want to be seen accepting lunchboxes in public. Also food will not be wasted compared to distributing food to a big group of people at the same time.

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