Kokeshi Christmas Tree


This idea of stacking up kokeshi to become Christmas tree came to my mind when I was queuing up at a bus stop to home. You know how it feels when you think of a great idea, and immediately you are scared of it. You worry it’s too time-consuming, too complicated to finish etc. Several times I wanted to put it off. But then I finally sat myself down and started to draft.


This is when it’s 1/3 done. Looks great but more anxiety. The kokeshi facial features are too tiny. I needed to be extra careful not to carve their eyes out.


The top of kokeshi Christmas tree has a non-traditional kokeshi. This is the only one which was not drawn from a real kokeshi. I got the design from my Keep Warm stamp here.

Took 3 days to finish, a total of 10 hours of carving time. Wish you like it!


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