Custom Made Stamp


I got to admit, stamp maniac like me sometimes underestimate the power of stamps. When I receive a stamp order request, I am usually dealing with the person who plans to give the stamp to someone as a gift. As a result, I seldom am able to see the stamp receiver’s reaction when he or she see the stamp. So when I see a happy face in front of me when they see my stamps in handicraft event, I am happy but in fact very surprised by the power of them.

This time I received this project of carving 47 kids with their faces and names on. I have not met any of them, but looking at their pictures already made me happy. When carving, I imagined how they would react when they see the stamp gift. After all, the stamp is very likely to be their ever first name stamp!

I wish what I carve is not merely a product, a decoraton or another toy. For the most part, I wish to present a gift alternative to my customers, who choose to use stamp to show their love and thoughts to their important ones.    And that makes all the difference.


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