Japanese Chiyogami Patterns






Chiyogami paper is a type of traditonal Japanese paper with repeated patterns which is printed by woodblock or silk screen. Beautifully presented in rolls of handmade washi paper, I remember how I always overspent whenever I visited traditional Japanese stationery shops like Kyukyodo ( http://www.kyukyodo.co.jp) or Itoya ( http://www.ito-ya.co.jp/sp/). I marvelled at each chiyogami paper’s design, colouring and details, and of course, the expensiveness. Yet, each chiyogami paper represents rich creativity, Japanese artistry and lots of work! Woodblock carving, for one, is no easy task.

I carved these eraser stamp boards two years ago. They were used in a lot of different situations ever since. One good thing about them is you can use them as background of your stamp object. My stamp board preference is the grey coloured Seed eraser board from Japan, which is harder than most Seed boards and therefore more durable in the long run.


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