Kokeshi Stamps

kokeshi10 kokeshi 10 boxset kokeshi11a kokeshi11


I am never tired of kokeshi dolls. They are handmade wooden dolls without limbs, mostly found in Tohoku, Japan.

They are generally 11 types of kokeshis nowadays, and they are very popular among Japanese office ladies now. I am not Japanese but I just never get tired of them. They are not simply “kawaii” to me, but a very soothing face to look at, a calming effect especially after a hectic day. Since I bought them from different parts of Japan, these kokeshi bring back good memories. I have carved these stamps 2 years ago and have used them on a book wrap. The ones in the box are re-make.


2 thoughts on “Kokeshi Stamps

  1. These are so adorable! Do you still make eraser stamps? I’m looking for a set of kokeshi stamps. Would love to see if you’d be willing to make/sell some kokeshi stamps!

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