Alphabet Stamps – Japanese Version

I was in a bookstore the other day, and saw some alphabet picture erasers, which designs were similar to those I were using when I was a kid.

abc like

It gave me an idea to create my own set of alphabet stamps, and “Wouldn’t it be more interesting if I make them a Japanese version instead of English version?”

So with the help of  e-dictionary, I got some inspirations of what to draw on each alphabet. That one new thing I had to consider, was whether the drawing will block too much of the letter, as I needed each letter to be shown clearly.  Also, there are letters like “Q”, “X”  and “V” which do not have a Japanese word to match with. So I simply used some English words which Japanese people often use (by pronouncing the sound of them) instead.

They are now all carved and ready for the handle-gluing process. I hope to display and sell them in coming’s handicraft fair in Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong on 20-21 August, 2016.

Just in case, please do not use them as erasers!








Alphabet Stamps (Japanese Vocabularies) 

Started my alphabet stamp carving project two days ago. Would like to design stamp using Japanese vocabularies, adding some wafu to them, as always.

Here are the first six stamps. Looking forward to seeing them all? Me too. Let me know what Japanese vocabulary you would like to see.