DIY Wooden Guitar Pick



Did some research on guitar picks lately. Wooden pick was used to be popular before plastic nowadays. It gave me an idea of creating my own wooden guitar pick today with my stamps.

The wood plate I chose is 1mm thick hinoki wood. I don’t think there is any restriction on what kind of wood and thickness really, as long as you can cut them easily with a pair of scissors (I broke my cheap pair of scissors when I tried cutting the first time!) and the plate is thick enough not to bend or chip when you brush it on guitar strings. My method was to feel the thickness of the wood plate and see how close it feels to that when you hold your normal guitar pick.

After stamping on wood, I embossed it to prevent the ink from falling out. Make sure the stamp pad you use is good for wood. The one I used here is VersaCraft.

I love my unique guitar pick! Why don’t you design one for yourself too? =)