Donation Official Receipt Received

donation receiptdonation receipt1

Official receipt of the donation project to suspended meal has been received today.

Once again I thank you for all your generosity and support to my little stamp charity project. Without you, it would not have happened.

Looking forward to another stamp charity event in coming future!

Thank you.


First Donation Received!


收到第一份捐款! 感謝您對《印為愛》的支持!捐款全數將捐贈敍福樓集團有限公司的購買待用飯劵活動。 現寄上橡皮章和明信片以作感謝!
First donation received! Thank you for your generosity. Will mail the stamp and postcard today! ^ _ ^

Let’s pay it forward!


First Stamp Charity Project


First stamp charity project from DIY Eraser Stamp!

Rubber stamp carvers like me should realise that during the stamp-carving process, not only do we produce beautiful stamps, but also a lot of rubber residues/leftovers. Those little pieces of rubber are too much of a waste if being thrown away, and I always think of ways to utilize them.

In views of the growing population of the people in need in Hong Kong, I came up with an idea yesterday by carving small stamps with the little rubbers and raise a fund in my stamp booth ( July 19 & 20th, in APM Kwun Tong). I would set up a donation box in my booth and any one are welcome to donate a free amount of money. In return, they will receive a stamp from me. The donation will be 100% donated to 叙福樓集團有限公司 for their Suspended Meal Project ( Suspended Meal Restuarant List http://goo.gl/POHu8z ). Donation amount details will be posted afterwards,

This may be a beginning of something big. I welcome you all to participate. Thank you very much.

For more details and project update: