Life on a Lotus Leaf

I dream of living on a lotus leaf.

How cool it will be to live on a smooth, silky lotus leaf.

I imagine myself reading, drawing, eating and sleeping on a lotus leaf.

It will such a free life to live.


Stamping Under The Shades of Green













There are so much more than just selling stamps when it comes to stamp-selling.

Today is my second stamp-selling event, and this time it was held in Setagaya Kannon Temple. My booth was located right beneath several 100-year-old-or-more trees, with occasional summer breezes (which blew away postcards and knocked down my kokeshi), fallen dried leaves, mosquitoes enjoying my blood in my ankles, some sun tan which I cannot see yet, and hopefully some wisdom, some blessings from the Goddess and most of all, more happiness to every one I met.

Nature is definitely a great teacher of mine. I got to enjoy the moment more and didn’t aware too much about the passing of time. I am thankful for the great weather today: not a drop of rain, not too hot nor windy. It was a perfect day out.

Maeda-san who has been supporting me since we first met gave me great advices and therefore we started this all-you-can-stamp experience for customers for a relatively low price. Several customers came and tried out to make their own postcard designs with a variety of stamps I created, with Japanese or English “Summer Greetings” phrases which were also carved prior as stamps. It was so inspiring to see how they all made different designs with given set of stamps, and how they used different colours as background. I got a lovely cute Japanese girl as my youngest customer and she enjoyed stamping too! It was truly fun to see people enjoy stamping as much as I do!

I love stamping, but now I also love the fact that how stamping gives me another way to connect to other people. It was truly a gift from God. Thank you.